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This page allows you to transfer from investment to investment either as a percent to percent, dollar to percent or dollar to dollar transfer. In addition, when there are pending trades that would disallow the transfer out of an investment the page will contain a button that when selected will list the investments unavailable for transfer. This page outlines and validates the minimum and maximum transfer amounts required to initiate a transfer.


"Your request has been processed." - This indicates that you have successfully entered in instructions for the modification to your account. A processed request, as far as the web is concerned, is one which has been accepted into the database. This request has not yet been processed by the plan administrator to update your account. This does not mean the request will be approved or that it will pass through the system without error.

"We cannot process your transfer request at this time. Your plan permits 1 transfer per period. You will not be eligible to initiate a new transfer request until 10/02/2000." - This indicates that the participant has exceeded the number of transfers for the available period.

Reset - This option will clear the entries prior to the submission of a request.

Check Form - This option will validate your entries in accordance to the minimum and maximum transfer percents allowed by the plan.

Submit - This option transfers the transaction instructions to the plan administrator for processing.