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This option will allow you to rebalance your investments based on your current allocation percentages. If you do not have allocation percentages at this time then do not rebalance your portfolio. Selecting this option will realign the ending balance in each fund to be equal to the percentage used to allocate your current contributions. The tables below are an example of this process.

For Example:

If your current balances and allocation percentages were:

Investment Ending Balance Current Allocation Percentage
Fund ABC $4,000 20%
Fund XYZ $2,000 30%
Fund AAA $1,000 10%
Fund ZZZ $3,000 40%
Total $10,000 100%

After realignment your balances would look like:

Investment Ending Balance Current Allocation Percentage
Fund ABC $2,00020%
Fund XYZ $3,00030%
Fund AAA $1,00010%
Fund ZZZ $4,00040%
Total $10,000100%


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