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This page provides information that should help determine if your browser is compatible with this site. If you attempted to login and you were sent directly to this page, it may be that cookies are not enabled. As a result, information important to determining your identity on subsequent pages could not be found.

Many employers restrict the ability of browsers by adjusting the setup. This site is designed to work with browsers capable of using client-side JavaScript and cookies. If your browser cannot handle these then you either need to adjust your settings until it works, get another browser, or access from another machine.

This site is known to have problems on AOL's browser. AOL is an Internet Service Provider. It provides an application for viewing Internet content but that doesn't mean you have to use it. You can always opt to use the Internet Explorer browser that likely came with your machine or you can download Netscape.

This site has also been reported to have problems working on a Macintosh. Even if the browser is Netscape or Internet Explorer, these browsers have been designed to work on Macintosh and thus are not the same as those operating on a PC.