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Password changes may not take effect immediately. Try to use your current userid/password until it stops working. Once your current password stops working try to use your new password. Be careful not to go over the limit of invalid login attempts or you could be blocked from web access.

  • Changing your web userid/password does not affect your Voice Response (VRU) login, if available. Why isn't the web login associated with the VRU login? Because the VRU login requires user id and password to be all numeric characters, 0-9. A web login needs to offer more security by allowing a combination of alphabetical and numeric characters, A-Z and 0-9, to help prevent hackers from guessing your password.
  • Protect your userid/password, it is the key to your retirement account. Choose something that is easy for you to remember so you don't have to write it down, but complicated enough that someone else isn't likely to guess it.
  • When you leave the site make sure you logout. If you leave the site without logging out, your session is still live on the server and it is possible, however unlikely, for someone to gain access to your account.
  • Close down your web browser when you are finished with the Internet, especially if you are on a workstation that could be shared by other people. If you don't, someone else could come behind you and possibly back into your session (which is why you should always logout).
  • Some new browsers allow you to save form entries so that you can use them again the next time you come to a web site. Do not choose this option on a critical form such as a login form. Doing so could give access to your account to another person sharing your computer.

  • Note:

    "Your request has been processed." - This indicates that you have successfully entered in instructions for the modification of your account. A processed request, as far as the web is concerned, is one which has been accepted into the database. This request has not yet been processed by the plan administrator to update your account. This does not mean the request will be approved or that it will pass through the system without error.